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In the middle of the library home page is a search box. This box takes you to our discovery service. This service provides an introduction to the sort of resources that are available for your research topic. It is meant to be an overview and a very broad search which may not be definitive. It is possible you will also want to do a more specific search using one or more of our databases.

Above is a sample search on a topic of great interest in the Spring Semester of 2020. The search results opened up a number of options. Directly under the search term is a link to a reference article on the topic. Usually, these are encyclopedia-type articles you may be familiar with. They are meant to introduce you to the topic. Underneath that link are links to library guides that might be useful as you begin your research. To the left are the results of your search. Your discovery search automatically searches for articles which you have immediate access to. This is also known as searching full text. Note the checked boxes. Any box that is checked can be unchecked. You can see that “peer-reviewed” is not checked. Our original search discovered 60,080 items, checking peer reviewed radically cuts back the number of items to 434.

On the right side of the page there are links to search newspapers on line. Included are the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Also, on the right side is a link to chat with a librarian.

So far, we have only searched for resources. How do we see the articles that we have found? Let's click on the title of the second article and see what we find. (If you get an error message, follow the instructions here.)



That is a lot of information about the article but not the article itself. On the left side of the page is a link to the PDF of this article (libkey instant PDF). Clicking that link will get you the article:

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